Travel Tips | 周辺情報

“”Around 88house / 88ハウスの周辺 “”

We are situated at the surburb of the city. Good 1hour hiking course from here.
Some of the local restaurant open in daytime.
Super market at 10minutes walk open 9am  to 21pm. Please check this map!

“”Things to do in Hiroshima city/ 広島の観光地 “”

1. Peace Memorial Park(Museum & A-bomb Dorm) / 平和記念公園
40 minutes from 88house, Take #29 bus to the last stop(It is Hiroshima Bus Center), 340 yen, 10 minutes walk from the Bus center.


2. Miyajima(Shrine in the sea)
90 minutes from 88house, Take #29 bus to JR Hiroshima Sta. 300 yen,
Take a JR local Sanyo line to “Miyajimaguchi Sta.”(30 min) Boat from Miyajimaguchi to Miyajima.(15 min) If you have a JR pass, It is free for the boat.



3. Okonomiyaki(Hiroshima Local Food)


4. Hiroshima castle
5.Syukkeien(Japanese garden)
6.Hiroshima Carp Baseball game
7.Mazda Car factory Museum
8.Mitaki temple

” “Day trip around Hiroshima” “

Ookunojima(Rabit island)


Saijyo(The sake town)
Shimanami cycling
Onomichi(Local nostalgic town)

“”About Hiroshima””
Hiroshima event infomation(Hiro Club News)
Get Hiroshima | Be more than a tourist
Coin Locker in Hiroshima Sta
Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Map

Japan Rail Pass
West Japan Rail Pass
Willer Express(Bus)
Visit Hiroshima tourist pass 1000-3000yen
Discount Hiroshima-Matsue bus line Just 500yen!
Hiroshima-Matsuyama Ferry Line discount for overseas visitors
Rental bicycle in the city

“”Accommodation web site””

Foot prints

“”Useful Links””
Hyperdia(Tarin, bus time table)
Weather in Japan
Outdoor Japan
Free Wifi APPS