88house is a bit out of the city, it has easy access to the city center and the main station. It is 25 minutes by #29 Hiroshima bus from JR Hiroshima Station.#29 bus runs every 15 minutes from 6am to 10pm
It is also 7 minutes away from Hiroshima-Higashi Interchange of Sanyo Expressway by car.


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It takes about 25 minutes from JR Hiroshima Sta. by #29 bus(300 yen).
Get on #29 bus from both exit of JR Hiroshima Sta. or Hiroshima bus center(40 min) near Peace memorial park.
It might be better to ask the driver that you would like to get off
at Kami nukushina Shogakko(KaminikushinaElementary School.
This link is how to ride the bus in Hiroshima.
This is reasonable 1 day pass only for week end.


>>#29 Bus Timetable(Japanese)

■From JR Hiroshima Station(Shinkansen Exit (North))
Go outside of the station, then you will see Hotel Sheraton on your right.
Across the main road then you will see the bus stop in the front of Hiroshima Bank & Maxvalue supermarket. (It is Shinkansenguchi Wakakusacho(新幹線口/若草町) bus stop)
Get on #29 bus, takes 20 to 25 minutes to “Kaminukushina Syogakou Iriguchi”(Kaminukushina Elementary school entrance)(上温品小学校入口)
Get off at “Kaminukushina Syogakou Iriguchi” Better to ask bus driver when you get on.
#29 bus usually goes every 10 minutes. Last bus is 11pm from the city center.


■From JR Hiroshima Station(South Exit)
The bus stop is at the main entrance of Fukuya ale ale department store.
If you take underground street from the station,exit #7 then, you will see the #20 bus stop at the entrance. Get on #29 bus to “Kaminukushina Syogakou Iriguchi”(上温品小学校入口)  Takes about 25 to 30 minutes. Better to ask bus driver when you get on.


■From Hiroshima bus-center(Near Peace memorial park)
It is in the 3rd floor of Sogo department store few minutes walk from Peace memorial park.
Go bus stop # 10. It is first bus stop of #29 bus (330 yen. 40 min)
Get on #29 bus to “Kaminukushina Syogakou Iriguchi”(上温品小学校入口)  Takes about 35 to 40 minutes. Better to ask bus driver when you get on.

<After getting off the bus>

It is about 3 minutes walk from the bus stop. Cross the street and walk toward to pedestrian bridge. Pass the pedestrian bridge underneath, you will find 88 signboard Go into 88 area on your right side. you will see 88 house and signboard from there.

Around 88house

*Please Keep our phone number just in case.(080-3770-9769 or +81-80-3770-9769)
We can also assist you by email
*the bus is usually crowded at rush hour (8~10, 17~19). If you have large luggage, you would better skip the rush hour.
*JR Hiroshima Station and Bus center have a coin locker to keep your luggage.


 ■From Sanyo highway ‘Hiroshima-higashi I.C.’
You’ll reach 88house about 7 minutes from I.C.
If you have ‘car navigation system’,please enter this adress
“1-7-3 Umaki Higashi-ku Hiroshima city”
1-7-3 うまき ひがしく ひろしまし
1-7-3 馬木 東区 広島市
The Location is 34.428142, 132.520205


Taxi will be around 2,000 yen from JR Hiroshima Station
Show this address to the Taxi driver
My phone number just in case (080-3770-9769)
Print this below for taxi driver.