Room & Rate | お部屋と料金

  • 和室 Japanese Room
  • 和室 / Japanese Room
  • 和室 / Japanese Room
  • 和室 / Japanese Room
  • ダブルベッドルーム / Double bed room
  • 縁側 / Terrace


88house Hiroshima is a Japanese style flat house hostel built in 1976. We have a private room and dormitory. All rooms are shared bath room and toilet.

*Japanese Tamami with futon mat style with back yard, you can take a seat at veranda-like porch.
*Over 30,000 yen booking is required for 20% Deposit.

【1】和室 1-2名様 (6畳、床の間有り) / Private Japanese Room for 1-2 guests (6 Tatami (10㎡)&Tokonoma)


A 平日(Weekday) B 金土日、祝日、祝前日、春、夏、冬休みなど(Weekend & Holiday)

1名様・1 person… A 7000円(yen) B 8000円(yen)
2名様・2 person
… A 9000円(yen) B 10000円(yen)

Japanese style private room originally made for tea ceremony. It is like Ryokan style room.
Have some Japanese experience.

【2】ファミリー和室 (12畳) 2-4名様 / Private Japanese Room for 2-4 guests(12 Tatami (20㎡))

IMG_1459 のコピー

A 平日(Weekday) B 金土日、祝日、祝前日、春、夏、冬休みなど(Weekend & Holiday)

2名様・2 person… A 10000円(yen) B 11000円(yen)
3名様・3 person… A 12000円(yen) B 13500円(yen)
4名様・4 person
… A 16000円(yen) B 18000円(yen)

Japanese style room with veranda-like porch on the garden.

【3】洋室(ダブルベッド) / Double bed Room(7㎡)

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A 平日(Weekday) B 金土日、祝日、祝前日、春、夏、冬休みなど(Weekend & Holiday)

1名様・1 person… A 4500円(yen) B 5000円(yen)

It is a Double bed room for 1 person.

【4】1棟貸し切り 32000円から / All rooms 32000 yen~

A 平日(Weekday) B 金土日、祝日、祝前日、春、夏、冬休みなど(Weekend & Holiday)
A 32000円(yen) B 32000円(yen) 8名様まで (8person)
A 36000円(yen) B 36000円(yen) 9名様 (9person)
A 40000円(yen) B 40000円(yen) 10名様(10 person)
以降1名様につきAB 4000円/人(16名まで可能)


お庭と縁側 / Backyard & Terrace


Please ask us by e-mail or reservation form.
Useful Kitchen, book with friends is the best. BBQ party and camping are available at the back yard.


■ キャンセル規定

We require cancellation fee for accommodation from 3 days before the check in date.
Cancellation fee is 100% of whole booking.

■ お支払い方法

*Payment for guests from foreign country
Please make your payment in cash at checking-in.


*Up to 6 years old kids counts as 1 person. Under 5 years old with no extra Futon mat for free.