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Mayuki’s Diary (スタッフ日記) & 88 hiking tour (88ハイキングはじめます)

Hello, how are you doing? It’s Mayuki.


Surprisingly Christmas just around the corner and it means 2017 is almost over, doesn’t it? How was this year for you? We’re so happy to announce that we’ve finished to harvest rice and got beautiful tasty organic rice from our paddy.Sadly although the quantity has decreased compare to last year due to bad weather, we’re genuinely grateful to great nature.

台風の合間で一気に作業をしました。We did harvest just before coming a typhoon.

しめ縄用の稲も確保。 Keep straws for SHIMENAWA which is Japanese new year decoration.


About a week before, it was snow around 88house and it was covered with white lightly. And our guest can’t get out from COTATSU in the common room, it let us know winter has come here. Due to 88house is located in the mountain area, it’s colder than the center of Hiroshima city. In addition, 88house is Japanese traditional old house. That’s why even inside the house, you might feel cold (Surely we’ve got heater in all rooms!) However, I think that it’s increased sensitivity to cold strongly.



As I  was a child, my house was also quite old. We had to put wood on the fire to boil a water of tub and a toilet was almost outside. So it was terribly freezing and cold in winter and I really hated it. But on the other hand, these severe situation made me be strong towards cold definitely. However now, we’re surrounded by lots of ultramodern handy heater and it has indulged us physically I think. The cold of 88house reminiscents of my childhood and it made me feel excited and I really like it. I would like our guests to enjoy winter as well.

少し話がズレましたが、最近は湯たんぽの貸し出しもスタートしました。寝る前に湯たんぽを布団の中に忍ばせておくと、朝まで暖かく過ごせます。エアコンのつけっぱなしは空気が乾燥しがちなのでオススメです。また、入り口には「88 Second Hand Gift Shop」をオープンしました。もう使わなくなった日本らしい懐かしい食器たち。そのまま捨ててしまうなんてもったいないですし、まだまだ使えるものばかり。湯のみ茶碗やお皿、醤油皿、トックリは100~300円。着物や半纏も1000円と安価に取り揃えています。食器として使わずに、醤油皿はピアスなどの小物入れに。トックリは一輪挿しにとインテリアとしても。人によっていろいろな使い方ができます。ぜひ88に来た際には掘り出し物がないか覗いてみてください!

Anyway in terms of what we’d like to let you know are we’ve started to rent a hot-water bottle with cover for your bed. You could warmly sleep well till the morning and we highly recommend using it due to the air conditioner deprive moisture which prevent to get a cold.And we’d like to let you know that we’ve made ’88house Second Hand Gift Shop’ at the front door.All stuff are quite Japanish like dishes, a plates for soy source, a pottery bottle of Sake and Kimono as well.So please check it as you come to here.


Besides, we’re delighted to announce that we’re going to take place “88 HIKING”! 88 house is massive convenient place to go up to the mountain called Iwaya Kan-non (Iwaya Kan-non was a temple which used to be at the top of a mountain.) It would take about an hour until the top and you will be able to see spectacular landscape the Inland Sea, Hiroshima city and Miyajima as well. We’re going to make a cup of coffee and drink it with bits of sweets! (sounds nice, doesn’t it?) You’re very welcomed tourists as well as local people.

第1回目 2018年1月21日(日)10:00 88house出発
Date 10:00am Sunday 21 Jan, 2018


88house→Starting point→Iwaya Kan-non→Tongue rock→The top of Iwaya Kan-non and coffee time→Tongue rock→Iwaya Kan-non→Starting point→88house

The time required 1h30min – 2 hours (It will change depending on participants)

おひとり1000円 コーヒー&お菓子付き
Fee 1000yen per a person (Includes a coffee and a sweets)

Please let us know your name, phone number & email and the number of participants.

+TEL 080-3770-9769  +mail 88hiroshima@gmail.com
+Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/88househiroshima


+The event will be cancelled due to rain. We’ll phone you in the morning of the day.
+Please wear sporty clothes and shoes. You can change clothed at 88house.
+Take a bottle of water you need.
+We can keep your luggage you don’t need.
+No toilet on the trail.

登山口。88から歩いて7-8分程。 Starting point. About 7-8 min from 88house

緑の中を歩いて進みます。 Walking in the green trees slowly.

途中には小さな滝も。 You could find some tiny waterfalls on the trail.

午前中は特に光が綺麗です。 The lights is perfect in the morning.

歩いて40〜50分程で岩谷観音上の見晴らしの良い場所に到着。向かいにはクライミングスポットの大きな岩が。 About an hour after, you would arrive the vie point and see a big rock which many climber loves.

大きな岩の上でコーヒーとお菓子タイム。 Enjoy coffee time on the big rock at the top of a mountain.

コーヒー片手に瀬戸内海と広島市内を眺めます。ココが最高。 It’s just spectacular! That’s our favorite place.


From now it’s going to be snow lightly, so it’s good to walk on snow, isn’t it? We’re going to post about second event subsequently on our SNS and if you’d like to ask to do 88hiking on another day, please feel free to contact us anytime.


We hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday full of good food and good cheer.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and we wish you all the best in the New Year, too!

88house スタッフ一同

Mayuki’s Diary(スタッフ日記) & Event info in Nov.(11月のイベント)

Hello, it’s Mayuki.


Surprisingly, it’s November now and we can feel winter is just around the corner. We’ve done harvest a rice stalks and nearly finished to dry them in the field. And we can see the tree which is heavy with persimmon next the house!


In the last few weeks, I go up to Mt.Takao with Kengo-san before I start to work so that I’ve tried him to be into trail running. Yesterday, we took guests who came from Australia to there.


I asked them why they decided to stay 88 house and they said that they wanted to stay quietly in Hiroshima because they also will go to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo which must be busy crowded city. It’s sort of a break time.

Rola walked cheerfully. However, Murska who was born in Republic of Fiji which doesn’t have high mountains looked little bit tired.

The view from tongue rock. It’s just spectacular!

The trail has covered with yellow fallen leaves.

Rola and Murska made maple leaves art.


Rola and Murska had a relaxed time in living room subsequent hiking. I think it’s literally good way to spend time on a vacation. Even though it’s a holiday, I tend to make me busy due to try to go to touristic place as many as I can all day. But I would say 88house might teach us how to spend our irreplaceable time.


Anyway, I’d like to let you know our special event.
We’re going to take place the study workshop of running guesthouse from 11am and the presentation about ‘Travel and guesthouse’ from 88 house owner Kengo-san from 2pm.

◽︎11時〜 民泊新法勉強会 / Study workshop of running guesthouse

◽︎14時〜 88ハウスの自由研究「旅と宿泊について」発表会 / the presentation about ’Travel and guesthouse’

15:50 記念撮影・レポート記入

Please apply for the event from the link below.

We’re looking forward seeing you all!

【88イベント情報】10/21(土) Isa Guitarra Live in 88


Hello, I’m Mayuki. I’ve just moved to Hiroshima last August and started to work at 88house.


I’ve been into trail running since I was in my mid twenties. And I had been in the UK in order to touch English trail running culture and get many experience in the out of Japan for about a year.I run the local race and worked at the trail running shop as well. While I’d been there, I also traveled to EU countries like Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal etc.

Please jump to the below link which is my British life column on web magazine ‘grannote’.(Sorry it’s only Japanese)


I’d like to write a blog about not only 88house but also Hiroshima as I’m a beginner and a tourist of Hiroshima.


Anyway, autumn has come to here because of getting cooler.
There are hanging persimmons in the front of the door in order to make a dry fruits and we can see golden rice stalks which is ready to harvest soon. These seasonal scene makes us to be hungry in deed!

そこで秋の夜長を一緒に楽しむためのライブイベント「IsaGuitarra Live in 88」を、

Tallawah Food(タラワフード)さんが出店予定なので、

I’d just like to announce that we’re going to have a music guitar live event at the garden of 88house on 21th October. Definitely you could enjoy autumn special night with good music and good Jamaican food! I suppose that it’s going to be chilly at night, so please take your jackets to keep warm.

Isa Guitarra Live in 88

日時:10月21日 土曜日 ライブ17時より約1時間

* 帰りの最終バスは22時12分発があります。

Date: Start at 7pm on Saturday 21th October 2017
Fee: Free entrance, but please give tipping for him!
Reservation: You don’t have to make a reservation. Please click ‘Going’ on our Facebook.
Access: It is 25 minutes by bus from JR Hiroshima Sta. Check here.

<アーティスト Isa Guitarra/イサギターラ>


2013年から2015年『風巡音旅人』『SANDHYA』を自身のレコーディングでリリース、シンプルながら奥深い音楽性を提示、年代を問わず、様々な方面からの好評を得る。2017年『From Island』では、写真家で映画監督、茂木綾子氏の映像に、声とギターの即興で浮かび上がった曲をまとめ、音楽の詩的な間や、余韻を表現する。

共演やコラボレーションの経験も多く、表現ジャンルの幅は垣根無い。近年ではキールタンシンガーDpahne tse(米)のアルバムにギタリストとして参加、アルゼンチン若手印象派ギタリストGUILLERMO RIZZOTTOとの共演も、ご縁の中で経験する。ギターとうたの教室を主催し、音楽の経験をより多くの人と共有しながら、自身のラジオ番組では、「ボーダーフリーな音楽と地球のリズムを感じる暮らし」をテーマに、古今東西様々な音楽を選びながら、暮らしを取り巻く季節の巡りを追いかけ紹介している。

HP http://suzume138.wixsite.com/kazemeguru
Twitter @isa_guitarra