Hiroshima Sake Festival(Sake Matsuri) 2015

Hiroshima Sake festival is on this weekend!

“Sake” is Japanese traditional alcoholic beverage which is produced by fermenting rice.
It is classified as a brewage like as beer and wine.
“Saijo” in the east of Hiroshima city (Higashi-hiroshima-city) is a famous area for the production of Sake.
The annual Sake Festibval is held near JR Saijo Sta on 10th and 11th of October 2015.
You can enjoy walking around Sake town Saijo and tasting many kind of Sake from Hiroshima and all over Japan.

/// Info ///
Date: October 10th and 11th

/// How to get there ///
From JR Hiroshima Sta
Get the train to Saijyo at No.5 platform
It takes about 35 minutes by local train(580 yen or JR pass is available).
(If you are not sure it is better to ask the JR staff)

/// How to enjoy the event ///
Go to “Kizuna-Kaijyo”to join the Kanpai event.
After the place, go around the 7 breweries near by.

For example,
Kamoturu – One of the most famous brewery in Hiroshima. Free tasting and tour in the brewery. Brewers show the traditional song on Sat 2pm, Sun 11am,2pm.

Saijyoturu – Daiginjyo gelato is available.
Diginjyo is the finest quality of the sake. It mixed with ice-cream.

After you get drunk, Having some Shikomimizu(the water from Sake brewery) is recommended.

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